Sunday, August 30, 2009

I heart Baby Gorillas

Ok, yesterday, I dragged the kids to the zoo. Actually, they went willingly, but once we'd arrived and they saw the crowd that we were going to have to contend with, their eagerness dissolved. I, however, was on a secret mission and no crowds of foul smelling people were going to keep me from reaching my goal.
It took us nearly 30 minutes to find an open parking space which was located approximately 10 miles away from the zoo. And, after our hike to the zoo entrance, we were tired and hungry. So, we needed to start our zoo trip with a rest and a snack. Then we were off to pet the goats in the petting zoo.

After that, we had to have a family meeting about how to best spend our 3 zoo ride tickets. We could choose to ride the carousel, skyfari, train, tram, or purchase 2 feeding sticks at the budgie exhibit. I was thinking train, Savannah wanted to ride the carousel, and Myles wanted to try the skyfari. After looking at the lines for both the carousel and the train, and having Savannah inform us that there was no way she was riding the skyfari, we settled on riding the Tram. We waited at the tram stop and were constantly harassed by evil bees for about 10 minutes. The snickers and amused sideways glances we were receiving from everyone around us as we ran, ducked, and swatted at the evil bees that were only interested in harassing us, caused us to decided to skip the tram (for now).
That's fine, I thought, back to my secret mission. The day before, I had been watching our local evening news only halfway paying attention until they mentioned the latest addition to our zoo.

A baby gorilla! And it is now on display! And the poor baby has a broken arm. So, I slyly guided the kids toward the gorilla house. Savannah was slightly in on my plan, since she has a similar desire to have her own baby gorilla. We finally found it, fought our way through the crowd and got a couple of glances at this adorable little face.
I seriously need to have that job. How does one get to be the baby gorilla holder? That is the perfect job for me. And, Savannah also wants it. We could take shifts. (That is if either of us could pry that adorable little gorilla our of either of our arms)After we were forced out of the window, we continued on to take our tram ride, and capture a couple of of fun pictures. Savannah even got to ride the carousel.
A great day. (Although, any day is a great day if it involves a baby gorilla)

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