Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Love Getting Mail!

I picked Myles up after an afternoon of fishing with his Papaw last Friday. On our drive home, Myles informed me that a package had arrived at my parent's house for me. "Really?" I asked. Trying to think what kind of package would have been mailed to my parent's house. "Yes, something in a bright colored box. I think it might be a Dolly Mama sample or something," I was informed. Well, I knew it wasn't a Dolly Mama sample (Dolly Mamas are these funny cross stitches I have made),

but I do love surprise samples arriving in the mail. Especially yummy food samples. Hooray. Yummy surprises awaited me the next time I visit the parents.
As we drove home, I was thinking about this package, and suddenly recalled a sample package that had arrived at my sister's house that same day. Wait a minute! I knew what had arrived in the mail for me. Not yummy food samples. Nope. KOTEX samples.

I laughed, when I realized and decided that this would make a very funny blog entry. But, I would need to be able to take a picture of the sample to achieve the full comedic effect. So, since we usually go to my parent's house on Sunday's for dinner, I figured I would get my eagerly awaited sample then. On Sunday, my package was presented to me upon my arrival. (Thanks Mom and Dad for saving my pads for me). I didn't immediately tuck them into my purse, but left them in their box on the desk in the entryway of the house to grab on my way out.

When it was time to go, my pads were missing. And, there were 3 guilty looking girls that quickly made themselves scarce. Not to worry. I am the great finder of lost things and I will find the missing pads without problem. Unfortunately, my frantic searching seemed fruitless. The girls had hidden my pads really well. Damn it. So, I turn to the youngest member of the trio, my niece, Sydney, certain she will rat out the culprit. "Did you see my box that was on that desk?" I asked her. She promptly informed me that Briana and Savannah had that box but she was not involved in any way. So, I turned my questioning to Savannah. "Where is that box?" I demanded. Savannah said they had picked up the box, but put it right back where it was. When I told her it wasn't there, she denied any further knowledge. I searched the basement and my Dad searched his office. It was lovely having the entire family ransacking the house for my Kotex sample. Find Those Pads Damn It! They turned up in my dad's recycling bin, but Savannah is certain that she and Briana had nothing to do with them getting in there. It's a giant mystery.

In the end, I got my pad picture.

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