Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grannies, Guard Your Ankles

Thursday was a great day for grocery shopping bargain hunters in Omaha. Hyvee, one of our local grocery stores, was having a 24 hour sale on many things that I needed. So, I thought I would be a quick morning shopper and stop into Hyvee on my way into work. That way I could stop in 2 Hyvees if necessary. (This had to be planned out due to the fact that Hyvee always sells out of everything on ad during day 1) So, I rushed into the first Hyvee I pass on my way to work, nearly sprinting the entire way into the store (difficult to do considering the shoes I was wearing). I snatched up the nearest cart and made a bee-line to the $0.88 potatoes tossing two 5 lb bags into my cart without even stopping. I then steered my racing cart toward the super cheap chicken breasts, already having planned to purchase at least 5 packages. As I turned the corner toward the meat section, I spotted nearly 10 elderly women hovering around the chicken section. Crap! And all of them had their elderly husbands steering the cart! Double crap!
What to do? What to do?
I had no choice, did I? I had to proceed. I had chicken to purchase and I only had 5 more spare minutes to get out of Hyvee and make it to work on time. Plan A: My cart and I pick up speed and slam into the ankles of every one of those Grannies in my way. Or Plan B: wait as patiently as possible, and grab the last package of chicken those vultures left me.
Being the kind hearted person that I am I chose plan B. And for my kindness, I was granted a 15 minute wait in the checkout lane, while all of the grannies that beat me to the chicken also beat me to the checkout line, and happily chatted up the check out girls and baggers.
However, I do not give up easily. So I proceeded on to Hyvee number 2. Hey, I was already 10 minutes late to work, what was a few more minutes. Turns out Hyvee number 2 is not frequented by so many of the elderly population and I was able to easily glide through the store tossing all the sale items my heart desired into my cart.
Of course, I hadn't had the foresight to think that storing 8 packages of chicken, 10 frozen pizzas, several frozen vegetables, and a couple of quarts of ice cream into a little work freezer might not work out. But, I was still victorious in my battle for the early morning grocery savings. And, thankfully my mom opened up her spare freezer to my madness (at least until I got off of work)

So, Grannies, this is fair warning. Next time there is a great one day grocery ad, GUARD YOUR ANKLES!!

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